4th Generation F Body

Street/Strip 4th generation F-body

Street and Strip 4th generation F-body

We did this 4th generation f body project with our customer Richard Krause. Richard (who is also known as “Doc”) is often at the shop helping with various computer related projects. After extensive discussion of his goals and preferences we recommended a setup emphasizing massive midrange torque to move this heavy convertible (~4,100lb curb weight with driver). The following components were selected.

377ci stroker shortblock featuring a Callies crank, Oliver rods, and custom JE “blower” pistons with ceramic coating.

  •     Our own custom hydraulic roller cam grind.
  •     Procharger F1 Supercharger.
  •     Kennedy’s Custom Twin External Pump Fuel System capable of supporting up to 1600 supercharged horsepower.
  •     Kennedy’s Custom Water Injection.
  •     Kennedy’s ported AFR LT4 heads with GM LT4 intake.
  •     RandomTech coated headers with dual high-flow cats.
  •     Full race TH400 Transmission from Carl Rossler with a Coan 4,200rpm stall converter.
  •     Dynotech steel driveshaft.
  •     Moser 12-bolt rear end.
  •     Kennedy’s Custom 6-point roll bar.
  •     Spohn torque arm.
  •     Accleronics low-impedance injector driver driving 90lb injectors.
  •     Kennedy’s custom Dynotuning.

After building the motor and installing all of components we performed extensive dyno tuning. Contact us for full details on the additional modifications done.

The dyno results were impressive: 876hp and 973ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. In October, 2003 the car ran a best ever 1/4 mile in 10.22 seconds at an amazing 140.40mph. These results were obtained with pump gas and conservative timing.

Fbody burnout at the trackFor a high resolution view of the Camaro doing a burnout, click on the picture

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