Automotive Chip Burning

Custom Automotive Chips “Burned On Site”

Custom Automotive Chip Burning

Automotive Chip Burning

We use a variety of products to tune your factory ECU. These include the Chipmaster “Revolution” for Ford and GM customers, AutoLogic software for Fords, and the “Hondata” software for Hondas.  Each program is customized for your needs. We can reprogram the LT1 and LT4 “Generation II” small block Chevy using the LT1Edit OBDI and OBDII programs or the “TunerCat” software. The LS1/LS6 and related engines found in newer Corvettes, F-bodys, and Chevy/GMC trucks can also be programmed. For these ECM’s we use the LS1_Edit software.

We advise against mail-order tuning. These generic tunes are often either so conservative that they do not maximize your performance or are too aggressive and risk major engine damage. No “one chip fits all” here!

If the factory computer is not flexible enough to meet your “need for speed” we can install an aftermarket system that will give you… “The Performance You Want and the Reliability You Deserve”

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