AWD Chassis Dyno

AWD Dyno
Kennedy’s All-Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer

DynoJet AWD chassis dyno at Kennedy's dynotune

Dynojet has developed the first 4-wheel drive inertial chassis dyno. The AWD Dynojet now installed at Kennedy’s gives us the ability to run front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive vehicles all on the same dyno. The new AWD dyno is capable of measuring 1800 rear wheel horsepower at up to 200mph. Horsepower and torque measurements can be done on front and rear wheels separately or front and rear wheels combined. This makes tuning or troubleshooting any part of the drive train, front or rear, a snap. Vehicles with 98-144″ wheelbase can be accommodated. This includes vehicles from the size of the WRX or Lancer to large trucks or SUV’s including the Hummer!

The new all-wheel drive dyno is currently installed and is ready for testing. Please call to schedule your dyno time as we are now booking appointments.

Photos of some of our customer cars on the dyno can be found here.

 Some photos of the AWD Dyno Install

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