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“Chassis Dynotuning” by Kennedy’s Dynotune

Chassis dynotuning at kennedys dynotune

Using our four wheel drive Dynojet Chassis Dyno we can instantly graph your horsepower and torque increases while we tune. We have found that Dynotuning is essential to achieve “the performance you want and the reliability you deserve”. Our four wheel drive dyno is the first in our area. You may read about it here. We have had nearly every type of car on our dyno – from 4cyl. imports to big-block V-8 race cars and hi-boost turbo imports. We can also test and tune motorcycles on our dyno. Everything from stock bikes, to modded Harleys, to turbo ‘busas have been on our dyno.

According to one of our customers “it would have taken all season to achieve the results you obtained in just a few hours on the dyno…thanks for the great work. I’ll be back next year!” We have found that it is futile to try to tune for maximum horsepower by the “seat of the pants”. Differences as large as 20-30rwhp or more are simply not apparent to most drivers. In addition, testing on the street is dangerous and usually illegal as well. Trap speeds are a better indication of horsepower but both track and street testing aren’t safe for your motor. While anytime you push a motor to the max there is a risk of damage, until you get your combination dialed in testing is much safer on a fully instrumented dyno.

Thanks to computer software from Competition Data Systems we are able to simultaneously map the following and plot against rpm, time, and wheel speed:

  • INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE (with calculation of intercooler efficiency)
  • EXHAUST GAS TEMPERATURE (up to eight cylinders)
  • AIR FUEL RATIO (multiple wide band sensors when needed)
  • HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE (plotted against speed, rpm, and time)
  • 1/4 mile drag race simulation software available to estimate gains at track

What types of vehicles can be tuned?

Almost any race or street car or motorcycle up to ~1,200hp. For vehicles equipped with EFI, the correct software is needed. There is software available for most vehicles. If we do not already have the software needed, we can use your own software. Or it may need to be purchased, in which case there may be an extra charge. We have had extensive experience tuning carbureted vehicles and are happy to put that expertise to work for you as well.

Dyno Price Menu*

Dynotuning* $175/hour for 2WD – $200/hour for AWD

Tuning is $175 per hour additional after the first hour

With: wideband AF ratio (multiple sensors can be used simultaneously), intake air temp, boost, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (up to eight cylinders, requires welded adapters in headers).


    • Price current as of March, 2019
    • Price and terms subject to change without prior notice.
    • Payable in US funds.
    • Dynotuning is sold in 1 hour increments.
    • We require a signed release of liability prior to any dyno time.
  • Dynotuning is done exclusively by owner Bob Kennedy. Bob has over 45 years of tuning, racing, and engine-building experience.

To schedule Dyno time, please call 716-693-5354

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