DiabloSport Products


Diablo Sport Products

Gas and Diesel Tuning Systems

Kennedy’s offers the entire line of DiabloSport products. You may read about them on Diablo’s Website. Diablo offers standard tunes that you can install on your stock or minimally modified vehicle. Using the Predator tuner, you can perform such tasks as resetting your speed limiter for race use, adjusting for tire size or rear end gears, etc.

When your vehicle is more than mildly modified, a custom tune is needed. The Predator is set up to work with stock to mildly modified vehicles. Custom tuning is required for applications that exceed this. Kennedy’s is a Diablo Custom Tuner. Using the Chipmaster Revolution Software we can dyno tune your car or truck at our shop. When you have us perform a Dynotune using the Chipmaster Revolution software, you may also purchase a Predator tuner to allow you to make minor changes to your tune on your own.

For certain combinations, you can also get tunes via e-mail. Your car or truck does not have to be heavily modified to benefit from custom dyno tuning. Usually, custom tunes are completed within a few days after we receive your original tune or request for changes (more info below). Please contact us for all of your custom tuning needs. If your combination is appropriate for a “mail order tune” you will have to supply the tuner with your original tune downloaded as a base for us to work with. The steps necessary to custom program your vehicle:

  • Read your vehicle’s ORIGINAL (stock) tune with the Predator
  • Transfer the tune into your PC using our Windows based PC Interface
  • Email it to us
  • We will program a tune based on your needs and email it back to you
  • You transfer it back into your Predator using the same PC Interface
  • The last easy step is to flash-program it into your vehicle using the Predator


Predator Tuner by DiabloSport

Predator Tuner

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