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Electromotive TEC GT

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Total Engine Control – TECGT

With the patented, multiprocessor, high resolution ignition that Electromotive is famous for as a core, and a new generation of micro-controller to manage integration, the TEC-GT may be slightly smaller, but it is definitely not a light weight when it comes to Engine Management.

The Electromotive TEC GT is designed specifically with the smaller, high-revving engines in mind, where space is at a premium and ease of installation is only second to an absolute requirement for unrivaled performance from the Ignition and Fuel Delivery. Making more power per cubic inch or centimeter, these engines will not tolerate spark scatter and dropped ignition events, making Electromotive’s solution virtually mandatory.

Though targeted at smaller engines, the TECGT will handle larger jobs as well – able to run 8 cylinder, phased sequential engines. This concept is also a real crowd-pleaser when the wiring and configuration options of our TEC3r become overwhelming or are just not needed.

The TECGT will run most 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines in our standard phased-sequential injection scheme. With a cam-sensor, most 1,2,3,4 and 6 cylinders can be run in full sequential mode.

Other engine management systems typically claim to run ‘any ignition configuration’ you need. Problem is – being a jack of all trades allows you to be master of none. Only Electromotive delivers a patented ignition circuit with every product.

At Kennedy’s we have installed and tuned the TECGT on both all out race and street machines. One of our customers is running the TECGT on his 9 second street/strip Mustang. The versatile yet easy to use WinTEC software in included with each unit purchased from Kennedy’s. Call or drop us an email to find out more.

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