Electronic Fuel Injection – Aftermarket ECU’s

Aftermarket ECU’s – What’s in it for Me?

At Kennedy’s we can do amazing things by reprogramming your factory engine control computer (ECU) but, when you exceed the abilities of the OEM ECU, Kennedy’s can help. We can install any of the aftermarket ECU’s but our current preference is for the Electromotive TEC3 and Accel Generation VII units. Both are extremely flexible and offer numerous features. Some of these are highlighted below. To learn more about each specific unit, here are links to the Accel and Electromotive web sites. Keep in mind that if you purchase from Kennedy’s, we offer the “Kennedy Advantage” of lifetime free technical support.

  • Our aftermarket ECU’s can control multistage and progressive nitrous oxide, shift lights, turbo wastegates, air conditioning, idle air control valves, etc. And with the General Purpose Outputs (GPO’s) you can control almost anything else that is electrically activated such as radiator fans, electronic torque converters, auxiliary fuel pumps, intake runner flap valves, VTEC systems, etc.
  • The ECU allows us to control fuel and timing for each individual cylinder.
  • This ECU you purchase from Kennedy’s may be the last unit you ever need to buy. Engines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinders are supported. Certain units may be configured to support dual plug, odd-fire, and other exotic configurations. 1, 2, and 3 rotor Wankel engines are supported. You can simply purchase a new wiring harness and the unit can be put on a new vehicle.
  • There are outputs to control tachometers and a “check engine light” function which can monitor up to 24 different diagnostic codes.
  • Support for single or multiple coil ignition. We recommend multiple coil units to provide a strong spark and to allow for extra coil recovery time. This allows your ECU to support extremely high rpm and to fire the plugs even under the extreme pressure of supercharged and/or nitrous use.
  • TEC3 with Direct Fire Ignition eliminates failure prone aftermarket ignition boxes.
  • Support for 2 and 3-bar MAP sensors for supercharged or turbocharged applications.
  • Allows use of low-impedance injectors, up to 160lbs/hr, which can support in excess of 2,500hp.
  • A knock sensor may be used if desired.
  • On-board data acquisition and logging.

Do it Yourself Installation of an aftermarket ECU – Each of our ECU units comes with complete instructions. Depending upon your vehicle and the type of ECU you chose, a universal wiring harness or even a “plug and play” harness may be available. The average “backyard mechanic” can install the unit without a great deal of difficulty. The amount of time it takes for installation will vary with your experience and diligence. Only basic tools are required. After you install the unit, we strongly recommend that you bring the car to us for Dynotuning. This is extremely important to maximize your performance and insure safe and proper operation of your vehicle.

Kennedy’s ECU Installation – We offer expert installation of all the aftermarket ECU’s we sell. A typical installation costs $1,000-2,000 depending upon the complexity of the install. Two to three days is typically required and must be scheduled in advance.

Pricing*  The Electomotive TEC3 for a V-8, complete with 4-coil direct fire ignition system, wiring harness, the WinTec3 software package, and complete instructions starts at ~$3,000 as of summer ’05. An Accel engine management system, without an ignition system, is priced less, at ~ $1,700 and also includes user friendly software.

*prices subject to change without notice

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