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Kennedy’s DynoTune Emissions Compliance Services

As of December 1, 2004 all cars built in 1996 or later and more than two years old have a major hurdle to jump before they can pass inspection. The hurdle is the emissions testing requirements which are described below. Kennedy’s has purchased the needed equipment to perform the NYVIP test sequence. Of course, so have many other shops. What is different at Kennedy’s is that we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to bring your performance vehicle into compliance so that you can continue to enjoy it. That’s another part of the famous “Kennedy Advantage“.

If your vehicle fails to pass inspection, it must be repaired and pass the test or you will not receive an inspection sticker and you will not be able to renew your registration. We suggest that if you are concerned about failing the NYVIP testing that you bring your car in to Kennedy’s for a “pre-test evaluation”. We will advise you of the best course of action and discuss the available options for bringing your car into compliance. Kennedy’s strongly advises you to not wait until the inspection is due before bringing your vehicle in. It may take some time to order parts and perform any necessary repairs.

What is the new NYS vehicle inspection program (NYVIP)?

The NYVIP is a program that will include a new test of the emissions control system of a vehicle as a part of the annual vehicle inspection. The NYVIP will help NYS to comply with the Federal Clean Air Act, decrease the emissions from motor vehicles, and reduce air pollution. The NYVIP inspection will include:

  • the current safety inspection,
  • the current gas cap check,
  • the current visual inspection of the air pollution control system, and
  • a new test of the emissions control system of your vehicle.

For the new test, the DMV-licensed inspection station will use new equipment to test the on-board diagnostic system (OBDII) of your vehicle. The station will use the new equipment, a modem, and a dedicated telephone line to report the inspection results to the DMV.

What is “OBDII”?

“OBDII” is the acronym that indicates the “on-board diagnostics – version two.” The OBDII is a computer system in a vehicle that monitors the engine and the other systems of the vehicle. All light-duty vehicles that have a model year of 1996 or newer have included the OBDII system. The OBDII diagnoses the vehicle and then warns the driver or the automotive technician about a possible problem. Some of the problems that the OBDII system finds can increase the exhaust emissions to levels that are higher than the levels allowed by Federal standards.

Which vehicles must get the new OBDII test?

  • The new OBDII test is required for any vehicle that:
  • has a model year of 1996 or newer, and
  • is more than two model years old, and
  • displays a weight that is less than 8,501 lbs. on the vehicle registration.

For more information about the new testing requirements, please go to the DMV website here.

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