Fuel Injection System Tuning

Fuel Injection System Tuning at Kennedy’s

We can tune any system for which tuning software is available.

We handle a wide variety of stand alone and add-on systems such as:
FiTech & similar standalone carburetor replacements.

Kennedy’s is experienced with all of the major factory and aftermarket engine management systems. Currently our preferred aftermarket system is the Electromotive TEC3R. This is an incredibly powerful, flexible system suitable for street, street/strip, or an all out race car. We can sell you a “do-it-yourself” system or we can install and tune it for you. Using our Dynojet chassis dyno we can get you all of the horsepower and torque your setup is capable of and offer the exclusive “Kennedy Advantage” for all of our installations.

We can also tune your factory ECM for “the performance you want and the reliability you deserve”. To learn more about our tuning service, go to our automotive computer programming page.

To learn more about fuel injection, see our “Fuel Injection Tech Tips“.

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