Fuel Injector Services

Fuel Injector Services at Kennedy’s

Kennedy's Dynotune fuel injector services


– Ultrasonic cleaning with injector held open
– Flow testing
– Spray pattern analysis
– Match injector flow
– Find lockup pressure
– New O-rings and caps
– New injector screens available if needed

This complete service now includes new o-rings, end caps, etc. Also a complete written spec sheet of each injector will be provided. We will provide 24 hour turn around time and free ground return shipping for 4 or more injectors.

One of the commonest reasons for unexplained loss of performance or other drivability issues in a car with electronic fuel injection is malfunctioning injectors. The injectors MUST function correctly for maximum performance. We know of no way for the DIY to adequately test fuel injectors.

The charge for this fuel injector service is $24.95 per injector.

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