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high performance auto tuning with the tec3rLT1 edit software for automotive tuning

Automotive tuning a for maximum performance and efficiency is partly an art and partly a science. We have been involved in all aspects of tuning for more than 45 years. So, not only do we have the equipment, we also have the experience to get the maximum out of your combination.

We began tuning in the era of the carburetor. At that time, there was no consumer electronic fuel injection (EFI). Fuel injection was of the mechanical type and was considered “exotic”. When EFI came on the scene, we were one of the “early adopters”. EFI has evolved into two distinct categories. OEM’s utilize sophisticated systems that are compromised to meet the sometimes conflicting needs of performance, economy, and emissions. Aftermarket systems are extremely flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs.

The OEM’s did not design their engine control units (ECU’s) to be reprogrammed by the end user. Fortunately, the aftermarket has stepped in and provided programming tools for many of the OEM ECU’s. We have extensive experience with reprogramming of factory ECU’s. What is surprising is how much can be done with these systems with the right tools and experience. We have street/strip cars capable of being daily driven and of running 10 second quarter miles that utilize the factory ECU!

Once an engine becomes sufficiently exotic to exceed the capability of a factory ECU, we can step in with a variety of aftermarket EFI systems. Not only do we use these extensively on modified street vehicles, we have experience with adapting EFI to race cars. In fact, “Doc”, who handles our web page, is running his big-block bracket car on alcohol with a Kennedy’s installed and tuned Electromotive Tec3r. We are still in the process of fine tuning this system, but compared to the previous setup with a Holley carburetor we gained ~50 rwhp on our Dynojet chassis dyno and the car is running ~5mph faster in the 1/4 mile. In addition, the car starts and runs like a street car. In spite of a race cam, it can be easily driven around the pits and back up the return road. The Electromotive Tec3r is our current choice for an aftermarket ECU. It is powerful and extremely flexible. The system can be used on everything from rotaries, to motorcycles, to street machines, and to race cars. We also have experience with most of the other aftermarket systems including Haltech, ACCEL, FAST, Big Stuff, etc.

We are very enthusiastic about fuel injection. However, we still remember how to set up a carburetor. For many people, a carb is still a good choice for metering air and fuel. If you are running a carburetor and want to make more power or improve your drivability, we can help.

In short, Kennedy’s can help with all your tuning needs. Please call us to discuss your needs or to set up an appointment.

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