Kenne Bell Superchargers installed at Kennedy’s Dynotune

Kenne Bell Superchargers – Sales and Installation

Kenne Bell Superchargers
We are a Kenne Bell installing distributor and can supply you with the entire Kenne Bell product line. However, the Kenne Bell company has recently changed their marketing philosophy. In the past, we sold products all over the country via drop shipping direct from KB. We can no longer do this, instead all KB products must come through our shop. We are happy to provide Kenne Bell superchargers or accessories, but they must come through our store and may not be dropped shipped direct from Kenne Bell.

If you want a Kenne Bell supercharger or other product installed on your vehicle, we are happy to provide the KB parts and do the installation. You will receive the excellent Kennedy’s service you have come to expect.

Kenne Bell Tech Support Policy

We are happy to continue to provide free, lifetime tech support to our own Kenne Bell customers. However, if you purchased your products elsewhere, you will need to call your dealer or Kenne Bell directly per policy of the Kenne Bell company. We are sorry that we cannot provide tech support for any other Kenne Bell customers at this time. If you purchase your Kenne Bell products directly from us, you receive our award winning support as part of the “Kennedy Advantage“.

For dealer installation and sales of all Kenne Belle Products, contact Kennedy’s!

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