Kenne Bell the twin screw advantage

Kenne Bell Superchargers – The Twin Screw Advantage

Kenne Bell the twin screw advantage

Types of Superchargers

On our superchargers page you can learn more about the basic types of supercharger. Generally speaking, there are two types available for street use – the centrifugal (Paxton, Vortech, ATI, etc.) and the positive displacement type exemplified by the Kenne Bell. A full explanation of the theoretical and practical differences would fill many pages. But it should be sufficient to point out that the Kenne Bell and other positive displacement systems are often superior for use on the street, for towing, and for heavy vehicles such as SUV’s. And as we have proven with Joe Zito’s Mustang, the Twin Screw can be very effective in a street/strip application. Other customers such as Rob Chandler are also using the Kenne Bell on a street/strip car. That said, for an all out racing EFI setup a centrifugal supercharger or turbo is probably the way to go. We can sell you either type of system, just call us for advice.

The Advantage of a “Positive Displacement” Supercharger

It’s really very simple. A positive displacement system produces huge power gains from just off idle all the way to the redline. This offers an enormous real world performance advantage over a centrifugal system. Look at the graph below. Boost is produced much earlier and peaks much more quickly.

Twin Screw Boost Graph

As you can see in the graph above the maximum boost is 8psi with both superchargers. But with the Kenne Bell this is achieved at at 2,000rpm rather than 6,000rpm with the centrifugal. As a consequence there will be much more low and mid range torque with the Kenne Bell. Even on a setup where the centrifugal is producing more peak boost and hence more peak power, the Kenne Bell setup will often be faster. This is because acceleration occurs over time. The amount of time spent in the lower rpm range, where the Kenne Bell is producing more boost and more power, is greater and hence the average acceleration rate is significantly higher and the throttle response will be superior. As one of our very pleased customers said: “when I looked at the torque curve [after the Kenne Bell supercharger was installed] it wasn’t a torque curve at all…it was a torque plateau!!”

The following graphs also illustrate this point

Kenne Bell twin screw boost graph

Why is the Kenne Bell a Superior Product?
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Twin Screw Feature Sheet 1Twin Screw Feature Sheet 2

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