LM-2 Wide Band AF Ratio Meter

LM-2: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

LM-2 Wide Band AF Ratio Meter

Tuning an engine for maximum power previously required long trial-and-error sessions on a dynamometer. With the LM-2 wide band AF ratio meter the measurements allows the user to correctly adjust many variables- including carburetor jetting, fuel injection, turbo fuel curves, etc.- without long and expensive dyno sessions. The meter’s digital signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-2’s self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.

The instrument can sample and store the air-fuel-ratio and the other sensor data internally in operation for later analysis on a personal computer. At a sampling rate of 12 samples/second the instrument can store up to 44 minutes worth of data in non-volatile memory. The data can be downloaded to a personal computer using a standard serial port and viewed/analyzed by the included software or any standard spreadsheet program.

The standard LM-2 includes a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor and cable, cigarette-lighter adapter, serial cable for PC connection, 9V battery, exhaust bung and plug, CD and manual. The LM-2 ships with a Bosch sensor, however, it can also function with other wide-band sensors, including Honda/NTK and VW sensors.

Available accessories (at a reasonable cost) include auxiliary input cables, alligator-clip power cable, exhaust clamp, analog output cable, and Aux. input expander. Additional accessories include a dash-mountable display and AC adapter. Using the LMA-2 aux input cable with RPM converter you can sample and store rpm, MAF, MAP and TPS along with AF ratio. Up to 44 minutes of data can be stored. In effect, this unit may be used in place of expensive data logging systems with the added bonus of wide band AF ratio capability.

LogWorks – award winning tuning software included free with purchase

The LM-2 includes the oxygen sensor (Bosch LSU4.2), 10′ sensor cable, 10′ power cable, PC cable, and software. These are in stock for immediate delivery.

Standalone Gauge Kit with LC-1

Standalone Gauge Kit with LC-1

The Innovate “Standalone Gauge Kit” comes complete with the patented award-winning LC-1 Wideband Controller, NEW! XD-16 (16 in 1) 52mm Programmable Digital Gauge, Bosch 5-wire Wideband 02 Sensor, Bung/Plug Kit, Software CD, and quick start guide.

The Innovate XD-16 dash-mountable Digital Display ships as an AFR gauge, but can also be configured to display any channel of the Modular Tuning System. Key features:

  • 2 Bezels + 8 faces = 16 combinations (see below)
  • 3/4” thick, so it’s possible to mount even in surface mount configurations
  • 3-character LED display
    – Record/Calibrate/Peak Hold button
    – Programmable (values and colors) digital needle
    – Billet Aluminum bezel
  • The kit also includes: Male 2.5 to 2.5 cable to connect XD-16 to an LC-1, AuxBox, LM-1, ST-12, or DL-32, Terminator Plug, Mounting Hardware Kit, Cable to connect to a PC for real-time logging and programming.



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