Meet The Kennedy’s Dynotune Staff

Kennedy’s Dynotune Staff

Bob Kennedy:

Owner Robert Kennedy has worked on cars for nearly forty-five years. His experience includes all facets of design, modification, tuning, and fabrication of parts for high performance vehicles. High performance is both his business and his hobby. When he isn’t at work in his shop he can often be found at the drag strip supporting his customers or racing his 2500+ horsepower alcohol fueled Hemi altered. One of Bob’s notable characteristics is his combination of experience and willingness to accept and explore new ideas. He is always looking for a better way to meet his customers needs and to provide “the performance you want and the reliability you deserve”. The car is driven by Bob’s son Sean Kennedy and holds the class record at New York International Raceway Park, running under seven seconds at over 200mph. Sean is also the proprietor of Kennedy Exclusives where he specializes in custom painting and graphics for motorcycles, cars, and trucks. His shop is adjacent to Dynotune.

Joe Zito:

The owner of his own successful “paint-less” dent repair business, Joe owns and drives a ’92 5.0 Mustang notchback. At one time, the car was equipped with a Kenne Bell supercharger and was the firstĀ  Kenne Bell supercharged street car in the country to run in the nines. Joe’s super-clean ’92 Mustang notchback was known as the the “Water Injected Wonder”. Currently, Joe is running in the mid-eights with a Kennedy’s Procharger, custom Kennedy’s cam and custom Dynotune on the Kennedy’s installed TEC3r system. You can read about the car’s current configuration here. Joe is often at the shop helping Bob on the dyno, working on his car, or another project. In 2008, Joe was the MOMS racing Grand Champion racing his Kennedy’s Mustang.


Rich Krause is your humble Web Master. He can often be found at work on the computer or helping with tuning. His street car is featured asĀ  “A fourth generation F-body for the street and strip”. He also runs a big-block Chevy powered 27T. The car is unique in that is a bracket car running alcohol with EFI! Kennedy’s converted the car to an Electromotive TEC3r system from a conventional carburetor and distributor setup and gained close to 50rwhp while improving drivability. For a video of the 27T making a 1/4 mile pass, click here. In “real life” he is a physician and doesn’t mind being called “Doc”. Kennedy’s has designed a new cam for the 2007 season and expects a similar gain.

Pat Kennedy:

Bob’s wife, Pat Kennedy handles the books and is often at the shop.


Jerry Malczewski also often stops by to help out. Jerry is a professional mechanic and a racer. He built the supercharged 5.0 Mustang that his wife, Cheryl, drove to class championships in the 2003 and 2006 MOM’S Mustang race series. This sweet combination runs in the mid-nines with a mild Kennedy’s custom cam, small Vortech blower, and a stock block. Tom Brauer is also often at the shop helping. “Tonawanda Tom” races a supercharged Fiat.

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