Penn Grade 1 available at Kennedy’s Dynotune


Penn Grade 1 Racing Oil Available at Kennedy's Dynotune

Penn Grade 1 (formerly called Brad Penn) racing oils are the famous original green color Kendall GT1 formulation upgraded with 21st century technology. They are refined from Pennsylvania Grade crude stocks at the American Refining Group refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. For details about the company and Penn Grade 1 you may follow this link.

American Refining Group

Penn Grade 1 10W-30 and 20W-50 racing oils are partial synthetic blends. They offer all of the engine protection and thermal stability of full synthetics at much lower cost. The only disadvantage is that they only have a portion of extended oil life of the full synthetics. This is not a drawback in a race motor due to the frequent oil changes these motors receive. The straight 50 and 70 weights are non-synthetics. Very highly stressed motors will benefit from the superior shear strength and viscosity retention at high temps characteristic of these oils.

Break In Oils

The use of break in oils, such as the Penn Grade 1 straight 30 weight is an old idea that has again become important. Due to environmental concerns, most oils, (including all “street” oils) have a much reduced zinc content. Zinc is essential for break in, especially for the cam and lifters. Synthetic should NEVER be used for break in. The Penn Grade 1 break in oil is high in zinc and is a non-synthetic. It will help protect your expensive new parts from damage and will allow the rings to break in rapidly. This improves performance and engine life. If you choose not to use Penn Grade 1, there some other options though we prefer a dedicated break in oil. Options include Shell Rotella Tl; Chevron Delo 400; and Mobil DELVAC oil. These oils are listed as diesel oils, but work for break in also. Another options is use of GM “E.O.S.” (EngineOil Supplement) Assembly Lubricant # 1052367.

At Kennedy’s we use 20W-50 in most of our race cars. For the high boost blower cars like our blown alcohol Hemi we use the straight 50 weight. The 70 weight is intended for nitro cars. With a new motor, we use break in oil. We offer these oils to our local customers or can ship them.

10W-30 Semi-Synthetic Race Oil
Straight 30 Break-In Oil (high zinc)
20W-50 Semi-Synthetic Race Oil
Straight 50 Weight Race Oil
Nitro 70 Race Oil

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