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More Performance Automotive Products

Below are a few examples of the product lines we carry. If you don’t see what you need listed here, call or e-mail us. We carry many different product lines. We will do our best to get you the products you need at the best available price!

Stand Alone ECU Computers

Complete wiring harnesses are available for many applications. We sell and install all the major lines of aftermarket engine control units. The brands we can help you with include Electromotive, FAST,¬†FiTech and others. We recommend Dynotuning to get the “Performance you Want and the Reliability You Deserve” out of your new aftermarket ECU system. We can optimize your air:fuel ratio and timing as well as tune for easy cold starts and part throttle drivability, towing, and even for fuel economy!.

Sprintex Superchargers

Full line of Sprintex Superchargers – More details to come soon

Now selling Hellion Power Systems Turbocharger Kits – More details to come soon

Comp Cams*

We have tremendous experience designing cams for your application and prefer to use Comp Cams due to their extensive lobe library and wide variety of cores. Put our expertise to work for you and let us design a cam for your needs. We carry the entire Comp Cams line of cams, springs, rockers, lifters, and related valve train products.

Lunati Cams*

We can also build you a custom cam set up using the quality Lunati products.

The Mac Performance Line

Call or e-mail us for full details

The Complete Mr. Gasket * Product Line

ACCEL products, Erson cams, Hayes, Hurst shifters, Lakewood, Mallory ignition, Lunati, and more.

Panhandle Performance *

We are the Northeast distributors for the complete line of performance products from Panhandle Performance.

Steeda Products *

Engine – Chassis – Styling – accessories for ’83 and up Mustangs are available. Please call for price.

VSI Performance Warehouse * We sell the entire line from VSI. Please call for the BEST pricing.

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