Preparing for your dynotune session at Kennedy’s Dynotune

How to Prepare for Your Dyno Session

Preparing for your dynotune session is straight forward. It is frustrating for us and costly to you if belts or hoses fly off, there are loose or defective plug wires, etc. when we attempt to tune your car. Follow these simple tips and your Dyno session will go smooth.

1. Make sure you have at least 1/2 a tank of fuel.

2. Go over the engine bay – wiggle and pull on wires (not too hard) and connectors, tighten (not over tighten) all fuel lines, hose clamps, brackets.

3. Be sure your plugs and wires are in good shape.

4. Make sure your tires are inflated to correct pressure and that your wheel nuts are tightened correctly.

5. Write a list of anything that you are unsure about.  There may be a leak, or something may have been rubbing on a bracket, there may be a vibration you noticed but you are not sure where it is coming from.  Anything like this should be written down.

6. Note all modifications which have been done to your car

7. Communicate with us.. We need to know anything that may cause delays and add costs to your tune.  You want to know this up front, as you don’t want a surprise half way through the tune and find out that the dyno time was wasted because of repairs which need to be done. We also need to know your goals for the tune – are you after drivability, maximum power, fuel economy, etc.?

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