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680hp Supercharged Corvette Z06

Supercharged 2001 Z06Notice to Vipers and Porsche Turbos: be afraid, be very afraid!

We recently installed a Procharger D1SC on Dynamicx Web Solutions owner Shane Greens 2001 Z06 Corvette. Along with the supercharger we installed TPIS long tube coated headers, an H-pipe, and 42lb injectors. The catalytic converters and all other emissions equipment was retained and is operational. After custom tuning on our Dynojet chassis dyno the car made 579 rear wheel horsepower at 6,700rpm and 484ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. Using a conservative 15% correction factor this equates to ~680hp at the flywheel.

Prior to the supercharger install the car made a still impressive 350rwhp and 354ft-lbs. The GM engineers did an awesome job on the Z06, but Kennedy’s puts the icing on the cake!

The installation looks better than if the factory had done it and the car drives like a dream. It will break the tires loose easily in third gear. Shane is thrilled with the results and the dyno graphs below tell the story.

In blue you can see the baseline results with the car in “as received” condition. The red graph speaks for itself and represents the results we obtained after supercharger installation and tuning. Here’s the “after” graph. We added 229rwhp an increase of 65%!! At Shanes request we installed a larger supercharger pulley to decrease the boost and the car still left the shop with over 525rwhp! Similar gains can be expected with the same supercharger on a base Corvette. The price for the installation is the same.

Supercharged Z06 dyno chartSupercharged z06 torque chart
Here are some pictures of the installation. Click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture

680 horsepower with stock drivability!
Please call us if you have questions or to schedule your install

Installation and tuning takes ~1 week and must be scheduled in advance. Please call for current price and to schedule your install.

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