Supercharged 2003 LS1 Corvette – Kennedy’s Dynotune customer ride

Supercharged 2003 LS1 Corvette

by Kennedy’s Dynotune

We recently completed a combination for Michael Walter’s beautiful 2003 LS1 Corvette convertible. The car is a fantastic example of the famous Corvette brand. It came to us with a hurt motor. The motor had been built as a naturally aspirated combination. It had high compression and a non-blower friendly cam. A Magnusson blower was then installed and some engine damage resulted. We rebuilt the motor using a top quality forged rotating assembly from Lunati and Wiseco. We specced out the pistons to complement the intended use of the car – high performance street use on pump gas. The compression was lowered to make the combo boost friendly. We have found that less compression/more boost is the best route to reliable high performance on pump gas with a blower. So, to regain the lost power we upped the boost from 4.5 to 7psi. Then we installed one of our custom blower cams and a set of high performance hydraulic roller lifters.

We put the car on our fully instrumented Dynojet and went to work tuning. First we concentrated on idling, starting, and basic drivability. Then we went to full throttle passes. With a conservative tune, the cars makes in the 500rwhp range with a phenomenal torque curve – basically flat from 2,000 to 6,000rpm. Finally, we road tested the car and made some final tweaks to the computer for superb drivability. Mike left the shop with a big grin on his face! The car has a little bit of that “cam lope” that says “don’t mess with me” but drives like a stocker.

Supercharged 2003 Corvette by Kennedy's
Supercharged LS1 Corvette at Kennedy's Dynotune

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