Supercharged 2006 Corvette Z06 – Kennedy’s Dynotune customer ride

797hp ProCharger Supercharged 2006 Corvette Z06

By Kennedy’s Dynotune and ProCharger

Supercharged 2006 Corvette Z06

Mike Tedesche’s Z06 on the dyno

Our customer Mike Tedesche brought us his beautiful, superclean “Machine Silver” 2006 Corvette Z06 with the request for more power. The car already had a Lingenfelter cam, exhaust and other top end mods. The owner wanted an additional ~100hp. After discussing his needs, he decided to have us install a ProCharger system. We did a custom installation of a ProCharger P1SC with a front mounted air to air intercooler. As received when we put the car on our Dynojet chassis dyno, the car made a very impressive 542rwhp. Using a correction factor of 18%, this translates into 661hp at the crank.

To gain the desired ~100hp, we set up the supercharger with pulleys to make ~4.5psi of peak boost. We then put the car on the dyno and proceeded to tune it. We were very pleased that with a conservative tune, we gained 102rwhp for a total of 654rwhp. With the 18% correction, this equates to 797hp! This is 23hp gain per pound of boost, a tribute to the excellent heads GM designed for the Z06. The installation looks better than if the factory had done it and the car drives like a dream. It will break the tires loose easily in third gear.

In red you can see the baseline results with the car in “as received” condition. The blue graph speaks for itself and represents the results we obtained after supercharger installation and tuning. The customer was completely satisfied, our goal at Kennedy’s!

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Supercharged 2006 Corvette Z06 Dyno Chartdynochart of procharged 2006 Z06Dynorun of a 2006 Z06 Corvette
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