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Supercharged Ford Expedition

From Kennedy’s Dynotune

Kenne Bell supercharged ford expedition

We recently received this beautiful Ford Expedition. The owner, Ray DeLaughder, came to us from North Carolina for a Kenne Bell supercharger install. The install went perfectly, thanks to the excellent work of head mechanic Bud Link. It looks better than if the factory had done it! The truck rides on a lowered suspension with a set of custom 22″ chrome Gianelle wheels shod with massive Pirelli P-Zero’s. A huge set of Brembo brakes provides the stop and Kennedy’s provides the “go” with a Kenne Belle “Twin-Screw” supercharger.

Before and after dyno results are posted below. As you can see, there was a 49% gain in peak horsepower and a 24% peak torque increase. At 2,500rpm, the torque increase was a massive 54%! This is why the vehicle is now such a blast to drive – massive low rpm torque, a Kenne Bell trademark. We have more experience with Kenne Bell superchargers than anyone else in the country. Call us for KB sales and installations. This project is just another example of the wide range of vehicles and owners that we are proud to provide with the industry leading “Kennedy Advantage“.

Supercharged Ford expedition HP dyno chartHorsepower Chart (click for full view)

Kenne Bell supercharged expedition torque chartTorque Chart (click for full view)

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