Supercharged Ford Mustang Bullitt – Kennedy’s Dynotune customer ride

2001 Supercharged Ford Mustang Bullitt

Supercharged by Kennedy’s Dynotune

Supercharged Ford Mustang BullittHP Gain = 47%! with a Kennedy’s Supercharger

We did this project for customer Dan Brockway. The car is a beautiful 2001 dark green Mustang Bullitt with a 4.6L single cam 2-valve V-8. Dan wanted extra power to back up the great looks and handling of this machine. We installed a complete centrifugal supercharger kit. The finished installation looks like Ford did it at the factory. Before the supercharger Dan’s car made 236 rear wheel horsepower. After the install we measured 347 rear wheel horsepower – a gain of 47%! At the 6,100 rpm the gain was an astounding 69%! The stock setup runs out of breath at 5,000rpm, but with the supercharger installed it keeps pulling past 6,000rpm. As a result the “area under the curve” and therefore the real world performance gain is even greater than the increase in peak power would suggest.

This install illustrates the importance of Dyno testing. We provide FREE Dyno testing for every supercharger purchased and installed by us. You have the satisfaction of knowing how much power you have gained and more importantly, the safe operation of your new supercharger system is verified. This can be crucial information. When we tested the “Bullitt”, the car ran beautifully. However, when we put the car on the dyno using our wide-band O2 sensor we found a lean condition with the air:fuel ratio going as high as 15.1:1 This would certainly have caused major engine damage unless corrected and the customer would never have known without Dyno testing. We reprogrammed the factory computer and achieved a perfect air:fuel ratio. The customer was extremely pleased with the results.

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