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Kenne Bell Supercharged Mustang Cobra

By Kennedy’s Dynotune

Supercharged Mustang Cobra

We recently installed a Kenne Bell “Twin Screw” supercharger on this bright yellow ’98 Ford Mustang Cobra. The owner is an avid Mom’s racer. The install went perfectly and the install looks better than if the factory had done it!

We also installed a Kenne Bell “Boost-a-Pump. The “BaP” increases voltage to the fuel pump when the motor is under boost. This avoids a lean condition, which is an absolute must for a supercharged application. A supercharger increases airflow, but fuel delivery must increase to match or power will not be produced and engine damage will result . Kennedy’s offers FREE before and after dyno testing for all of our supercharger purchase/installations. This provide you with the satisfaction of seeing how much hp and torque you gained and verifies a safe air:fuel ratio. If the air:fuel ratio is not acceptable, Kennedy’s has the tools and know-how to make it right!

Before and after dyno results are posted below. As you can see, there was a 33% gain in peak horsepower and a 32% peak torque increase. The low end torque and power increase is a Kenne Bell trademark. The instant boost even just off-idle makes the car a blast to drive.

At Kennedy’s, we have more experience with Kenne Bell superchargers than anyone else in the country. Call us for KB sales and installations. This project is just another example of the wide range of vehicles and owners that we are proud to provide with the industry leading “Kennedy Advantage”. Call us, we are here to give you the “performance you want and the reliability you deserve”.

Supercharged Mustang Cobra Dyno ChartClick for a full view

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