Supercharger Kit and Custom Cam Combo at Kennedy’s Dynotune

Supercharger Kit/Custom Cam Combo Deal

Kennedy’s is offering a special deal to our customers. If you purchase a supercharger kit from us, you can also purchase a custom designed cam at the same time for a special low price of $299.95 (saving $50-100). The cam design will receive all of the same attention as our regular custom cams, which you may read about here. This price applies to typical single cam OHV engines. Multi cam and exotic engines are not included. While a supercharger produces excellent gains with OEM drivability when using a stock cam, there is more power to be had when the cam is optimized for a blower and selected according to your needs.

This is another reason to purchase from us. We are here to help you realize all your performance goals for the coming year. Please contact us if you have questions.

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