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“SuperChargers “R” Us”

Superchargers”R”Us is a division of Kennedy’s Dynotune specializing in the sale, installation, and fabrication of superchargers and supercharger kits for all automotive, light truck, tow vehicle, and SUV applications. Another specialty is water injection systems design, fabrication, and installation.

Why Buy From Superchargers”R”Us?

You may wonder “why buy my supercharger from Superchargers”R”Us?” Of course our prices are competitive, but that is not the main reason. There are many vendors to chose from when ordering your supercharger. Some are just a couple of kids operating out of the garage, others are mega mail-order houses. With most of them once they sell you the parts, you are on your own. They do not have the knowledge or interest to support their products after the sale or to properly advise you with regard to the choice of an appropriate system for your needs.

How does this work? We offer the famous “Kennedy Advantage” to all of our supercharger customers. This is an industry leading technical support policy. What it means for our customers is that they can get advice at every step of their buildup. Beginning with product selection, through installation, trouble shooting, and maintenance tech support is only a phone call away. And unlike our competitors, you will receive support from an experienced expert.

At Superchargers”R”Us we can sell you a supercharger kit tailored to your needs or install the kit for you. We provide FREE Dyno testing for every supercharger purchased and installed by us. You have the satisfaction of knowing how much power you have gained and more importantly, the safe operation of your new supercharger system is verified. This can be crucial information.

Free Shipping! We offer free shipping via UPS Ground in the continental US for all prepaid supercharger kits!

Kenne Bell base kits from $2699!*

ATI/Procharger Intercooled base kits from: $2993!*

– Paxton base kits from: $1999!*

– Vortech base kits from $1999!*

– Whipple base kits from $3295!

– Sprintex supercharger kits – Call for details

– Hellion turbocharger kits – Call for details

Supercharger Installations start as low as $399 depending upon application and the kit selected!*

*prices subject to change without notice

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Do you want to learn more about Superchargers before viewing our product line? – Read our Introduction to Superchargers Here

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