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The “Kennedy Advantage”

You may wonder “why choose Kennedy’s?” Of course our prices are competitive, but that is not the main reason. There are many vendors to chose from when ordering your high performance parts. Some are just a couple of kids operating out of the garage, others are mega mail order houses. With most of them once they sell you the parts, you are on your own. They do not have the knowledge or interest to support their products after the sale.

This is not the case when you buy from us. We offer the exclusive “Kennedy Advantage”. When you buy from us we provide free technical support! The support is from a knowledgeable racer/installer and is only a phone call away. In addition, for our supercharger installs we offer free “before and after” Dyno testing. We verify proper operation of your new supercharger system and assure you of a proper air:fuel ratio. This is the best way to get the “performance you want and the reliability you deserve” – a Kennedy exclusive!

If you elect to have work done in our shop, you can have confidence in what we do. We are experienced racers and dedicated, professional mechanics. We are always interested in learning and trying something new, but chances are, we have seen it or done it before. Let us put our experience to work for you.

To get technical support just call us during regular business hours. When we can’t come to the phone right away, leave a message in our “tech line” voice mail box. If you have a simple question, please use email. We check our email several times a day and you will usually have an answer within 24 hours.

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