Water Injected Wonder at Kennedy’s Dynotune


Featured in 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine August, 2001 Edition (See the magazine images below)

We have helped develop and are experienced installers of Kenne Bell products for all vehicles. We ARE the Kenne Bell experts! Here is some proof. The Water Injected Wonder!

Water Injected Wonder

In October, 2002 Joe Zito annihilated all previous records for a Kenne Bell supercharged Mustang. As you probably know, the Kenne Bell “Twin Screw” supercharger has proven itself as a stout street performer. But at Kennedy’s we are always “pushing the envelope”.  We felt that the Kenne Bell has the potential to be an effective race supercharger. Joe, Bob Kennedy, and Jim Bell from Kenne Bell Performance Products collaborated in the off season to come up with an amazing combination for the 2003 season. One key to this torque monster’s amazing performance is the custom intercooler we designed and fabricated.

Using a Kenne Bell Blowzilla with a custom manifold and water/air intercooler we had excellent dyno results, producing in excess of 700 rear wheel horsepower. As is typical of a Kenne Bell installation, peak power is produced at an amazingly low 5,500rpm, making for an astounding torque curve. In fact, the curve is so flat the we jokingly refer to it as a “torque plateau”. The car also uses an Electromotive TEC3 total engine management system custom tuned on our Dynojet chassis dyno.

But of course, you can’t drive a dyno and the proof of performance is at the track. The first race this year for Joe’s super clean ’92 5.0 Mustang notchback was at New York International Raceway Park. Joe drove the car to a 10.02 second pass with a trap speed of over 137mph! This performance was achieved in a car that weighs over 3,400lbs with a full interior and even has power windows! Joe runs a stock type suspension and utilizes a small 10.5″ slick to achieve these amazing times. Illustrating the massive torque of the Kenne Bell installation this 336ci torque monster leaves at 5,000rpm and shifts at just 5,600rpm! The car is registered and streetable.

Then, in October at the last MOMS event Joe broke solidly into the “9’s” running a 9.931 @ >139mph! This 5.0 is the quickest and fastest Kenne Bell Mustang in the world!

We have received many inquiries regarding the custom intercooler on the Zito Mustang. This is a unique, one of a kind, installation and required many custom parts and is intended for a high boost (over 15psi) race setup was therefore time consuming and would be difficult to duplicate. None the less, we are working on a smaller, more affordable street/strip version. Keep checking our website for further details.

5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine August, 2001 Edition

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