Why Kennedy’s Dynotune for Kenne Bell superchargers

Why Purchase Kenne Bell Superchargers From Kennedy’s

Kenne Bell Superchargers

We are THE Kenne Bell experts!


We are the largest distributor for all Kenne Bell products in the East.  Kenne Bell Superchargers can be installed on many different vehicles: street, street/strip, all out race, SUV, and tow vehicles. Kenne Bell was formed in 1968 and has become a leader in high-tech performance products, especially in the areas of supercharging, turbocharging, and supporting components.

Why Purchase Your Kenne Bell from Kennedy’s?

There are many places to buy your new supercharger. Prices are comparable, but service is not. Kennedy’s is the largest distributor of Kenne Bell products in the Eastern US/Southern Ontario region. We don’t just sell superchargers though – we have installed hundreds of systems. We know the “tricks of the trade” and our customers get the added value of our experience. When you purchase your Kenne Bell kit from Kennedy’s we provide FREE technical support. If you run into a problem with the installation or operation of your kit we will be there to help – we are just a phone call away! Please follow the link below for details of our tech support policy and to learn the other advantages from purchasing your supercharger kit from Kennedy’s.

Supercharger Installation and Testing by Kennedy’s

Still feel insecure about installing your supercharger? Let us install it for you! We are expert installers of all supercharger systems and offer the exclusive “Kennedy Advantage” on all of our sales and installations. With this unique program we provide “before and after” Dyno testing at no additional charge. This provides objective data to show the horsepower gains from your new supercharger and more importantly allows us to verify proper operation of the system. This is important! Using Dynotuning we have identified major problems such as an excessively lean air:fuel ratio. If uncorrected this will result in loss of the motor. Without Dyno testing this would never be discovered in time.

Why the “big switch” to Kenne Bell?

Kenne Bell believes that a well designed centrifugal supercharger can be a good, reliable product that delivers the peak boost advertised. The philosophy at Kenne Bell is therefore not to knock their competitors but to talk about the benefits of the twin-screw supercharger. As a prominent Kenne Bell distributor has said “if everyone could test drive a centrifugal and then a Kenne Bell, the decision would be hands down……Kenne Bell!”

As stated by Motor Trend

“everyone loves to quote peak horsepower and torque numbers, but the true measurement of an engine’s output is how much power it produces across its’ operating range…”

Kenne Bell Supercharger Applications

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